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Natural Risks Engineer H/F

Détail de l'offre

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F09 Géologie - Ingénieur·e

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Natural Risks Engineer H/F



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Description de la mission

By joining the BRGM Geological and Mining Research Bureau, you'll be part of the leading public reference establishment for Earth Sciences, alongside 1,000 passionate experts working across 29 establishments located in France and French overseas territories. BRGM works to attain deeper geological knowledge and understanding of phenomena in and below the soil, and have one core goal: to meet the challenges of environmental change through innovative, socially beneficial projects.

As part of your activities, you will be primarily responsible for:
-Conducting studies and leading projects (to support public policy and research) which aim to diagnose risks, understand and characterise hazardous phenomena and the potential consequences, map risks and hazards, and propose risk prevention measures in areas exposed to natural and coastal risks;
-Producing assessments and providing an opinion when needed about at-risk zones, potentially during periods of crisis (land movements, falling rocks, bank/coastal erosion);
-Organising and contributing to the completion of land surveys to gather data and ensure that instruments are maintained - In particular, contributing to monitoring the receding coastline as part of the assignments set by the Mayotte Coastal Observatory, or monitoring soil erosion as part of the Erosion and Run-off Observatory;
-Occasionally participating in local studies and projects in the fields of geothermal energy, primary mineral resources, geological understanding, and seismic and volcanic risks relating to ongoing activities in Mayotte;
-Establishing reports and providing oral presentations of the study reports;
-Promoting and distributing results (scientific publications, written and spoken communication);
-Alongside the Regional Office, contributing to the development of their activities by identifying their partners' needs and putting together technical offers to initiate new projects in support or public policy or research;
-When necessary, representing the BRGM in natural risk meetings - Participating in regional working groups and providing the BRGM's expertise;
-Contributing to the BRGM's quality and environmental management system (QMS and EMS);
-Co-mentoring a junior engineer (VSC).


The Mayotte Regional Office of the BRGM (7 people) primarily work to support the State, Agencies and Local Authorities, in addition to a range of research activities in every field of Earth Science. The Regional Office runs programmes to develop our understanding and analysis of natural risks (primarily land movements, such as landslides and falling rocks) to help better prevent them. They also work to improve our understanding and analysis of coastal geomorphic changes and coastal hydrodynamic and morpho-sedimentary processes to better manage coastal risks (marine submersion and erosion).
These activities are conducted in collaboration with the BRGM scientific and technical centre (based in Orléans) and the other regional offices (in La Réunion, primarily). You will join the team at this office and help develop all of their activities concerning the aforementioned natural risks.


You must have an engineering diploma, a two-year Master's or a doctorate in geology, geotechnics or natural risks. Specialisation in coastal risks is desirable.
Two or three years' professional experience in natural risks would also be desirable.

You will need the following skills and expertise;
-You must have a good understanding of the natural processes which cause land movement risks (geology, multi-hazard qualification criteria, geotechnical responses, reinforcement and/or securing measures);
-It is desirable that you have geotechnical skills based on empirical observations (land survey) and calculations (slope stability analysis, trajectography, etc.); a good understanding of French regulations in terms of risks;
-It is desirable that you have a good understanding of the natural processes which cause coastal risks and coastal hydrodynamic and morpho-sedimentary processes;
-You must have a good understanding of geology (interpretation of maps, reconnaissance campaigns, field samples);
-Extensive expertise with GIS software (QGis, MapInfo, ArcGis),
-Good people skills and an interest in leadership, teamwork and the co-mentoring of a VSC junior engineer.
-Good organisational skills, initiative and the ability to propose new ideas;
-On-site experimental experience; the skill and desire to conduct field work;
-An analytical mindset; Good writing skills for technical documents (reports, assessments);
-Excellent oral communication (meetings, debriefings, civil society, etc.);
-A standard driving licence.

Spécificité du poste

This full-time position will require occasional travel to mainland France.

You will appreciate the friendly and team-oriented atmosphere at the BRGM, and an environment which promotes a healthy work-life balance.

Additionally, we will help you develop your career and provide the support you need to develop your skills, in particular using professional training.

You will enjoy a number of benefits at the BRGM, such as a 13-month salary system, reduced working times, lunch vouchers, holiday and leisure services, among others.

The recruitment process:

BRGM guarantees a fully transparent recruitment process. To apply, send your application (updated CV and cover letter) before the 30/06/2021.

Please note that all of our positions are open to people with disabilities.

We will study your application at the end of the application period. If we select your application, we will contact you for a series of recruitment interviews with the recruitment manager, the HR manager and a cross-sector manager.

Localisation du poste

Localisation du poste

France, DOM, Mayotte (976)