Geologist Project Manager Telluric risks H/F

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F09 Géologie - Expert·e scientifique

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Geologist Project Manager Telluric risks H/F



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18 mois

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By joining the BRGM Geological and Mining Research Bureau, you'll be part of the leading public reference establishment for Earth Sciences, alongside 1,000 passionate experts working across 29 establishments located in France and French overseas territories. BRGM works to attain deeper geological knowledge and understanding of phenomena in and below the soil, and have one core goal: to meet the challenges of environmental change through innovative, socially beneficial projects.
As part of your activities, you will be primarily responsible for:
- developing, steering and conducting regional projects in the following fields:
o geology (geological cartography, cataloguing the local geological heritage);
o cartography and natural telluric hazard prevention (risks from volcanic and seismic activity, land movements);
o high-energy geothermics (geological and geophysical prospecting);
o primary mineral resources (deposit prospecting, quarry plan development);
- contributing, alongside the Regional Director, to the identification of the needs of our clients and partners, and the development of new projects;
- mentoring a junior engineer on the issues involved in geology and risks;
- communicating and promoting our results with regional partners, in symposia, and in scientific reviews;
- participating in regional working groups and providing BRGM's expertise;
- participating in the development and completion of projects with other overseas offices;
- responding to requests from State departments as part of our role as administrative support (diagnosis and assessments of at-risk zones);
- contributing to the BRGM's quality and environmental management system (QMS and EMS);


The Guadeloupe Regional Office primarily works to support the State, Agencies and Local Authorities, in addition to a range of research activities in every field of Earth Science. More specifically, this position features activities in the field of geology, telluric risk prevention, geothermics and mineral resources.


You must have an engineering diploma or a doctorate in geology, specialising in the fields of volcano geology and telluric risks, and you must have at least 6 years' experience in the field.
You will need the following skills and qualities:
- Good knowledge of volcanic geology; knowledge of regional geology or of an overseas volcanic territory would be a plus;
- A full understanding of field and applied geological techniques;
- A full understanding of natural telluric risks;
- A theoretical understanding of high-energy geothermics;
- Advanced skills in GIS software (ArcGis; QGis);
- Good people skills and an interest in leadership, teamwork and the co-mentoring of junior engineers/researchers.
- Good organisational skills and an analytical mindset;
- Excellent writing skills for technical documents (reports, assessments) and scientific documents (articles);
- Fluency in English (spoken and written).

Spécificité du poste

This is an 18-month fixed-term position which could become a permanent post.

It involves occasional travel within France and abroad.

The BRGM is known for its warm, collegial atmosphere and good work-life balance.

Moreover, we support the career development of our employees, in particular through the medium of professional training, which is a high priority for us.

You will enjoy a number of benefits at the BRGM, such as a 13-month salary system, reduced working times, lunch vouchers, holiday and leisure services, among others.

The BRGM will help you move and get settled into life in Guadeloupe.

Application and the recruitment process:
BRGM guarantees a fully transparent recruitment process. To apply, send your application (updated CV and cover letter) before the 20/06/2021.

Please note that all of our positions are open to people with disabilities.

We will study your application at the end of the application period. If we select your application, we will contact you for a series of recruitment interviews with the recruitment manager, the HR manager and a cross-sector manager.

Localisation du poste

Localisation du poste

France, DOM, Guadeloupe (971)


Petit bourg